3 thoughts on “Avoid Your Banks Highest Rate Loan

  1. E.C.

    USAA will let you overdraft to a savings account or credit card with them for no fee. I’ve never overdrawn my checking because I keep good records, but if it ever happens it’ll just get pulled out of the $1,000 “life happens fund” I keep linked to my checking account for quick access.

  2. Mrs. Accountability

    HEY! Why would you bother to keep a checkbook register and list all your debits, if you don’t bother to reconcile your accounts each month!? That’s the most important part of keeping a checkbook register. 😉

  3. Mrs. Accountability

    Also, credit unions usually don’t charge the overdraft fees that banks do. At least the one I am with doesn’t. I thought overdraft loans were there to help me out, but Wells Fargo charges if I ever overdraft, which annoys the daylights out of me.

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