Carnival of Personal Finance #219 – Little League Edition

Welcome to the 219th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! My name is Adam and I am VERY pleased to be your host. I have been dying to host this carnival and when I found out I was on the list, I was ecstatic. I have decided to base this weeks theme on little league as they are currently playing the Little League World Series. Many of us have played little league, have kids playing it or just love the game. I was surrounded by it my whole life, living 15 minutes south of where they host the annual Little League World Series in South Williamsport, PA.

Editor’s Picks

M is for Money helps you decide What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Care About Money. Luckily, both my wife and I care dearly about our money situation. It’s great to have that other person to talk to.

Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents Bank Fees and Billing Errors. I bet this bank is wondering why they are losing customers. Do companies not understand that their income comes from it’s customers?

Weakonomics wonders What Kind of Saver Are You? I think that my wife and I are “Sweepers”. We low spending ever dollar on paper every month. However, we never use credit cards. Does that make us a different kind of saver?

Darwin’s Finance shows you The Cost of That Puppy in the Window. Ever think that a dog could cost you $100,000+? This post gives you an extremely detailed view of the cost.

The Little League World Series includes 16 teams from all over the world. There are 8 teams from the USA and 8 others from Canada, Japan and more. The USA teams are automatically guaranteed one birth in the finals.


Punch Debt in the Face says Go Little or Go Home.

Man Vs Debt shares with you 25 Essentials That Are Better and Cheaper to Make at Home.

Free by 50 gives you some reasons Why They Don’t Like Giving Friends a Ride to the Airport.

Money Under 30 presents Confessions of a Textbook Salesman.


Bucksomeboomer’s Financial Path to Retirement presents 5 Free Budget Tools.

Wisebread talks about Using Prepaid Gift Cards for Modern Envelope Budgeting.

The Little League World Series began in 1947 with just a few teams from Pennsylvania. To no surprise, a team from Williamsport, PA won the first World Series title.


Ask Mr Credit Card has some new Updates to the Credit Card Bill of Rights.

Credit Card Offers IQ has 10 Super Cool Credit Card Offers (You’ve Never Heard Of).

The Smarter Wallet shares with you a Review of Equifax Products.

Funny About Money talks about Toothless Credit Card Consumer Protection Laws.

The Digerati Life shows you How to Use Secured Credit Cards to Boost Your Credit.

Funny About Money talks about the  Toothless Credit Card Consumer Protection Laws.

Rabbit Funds share with you his Review of Credit Karma.

Accumulating Money has some Tips on Improving Your Credit Score.


FiscalGeek shares some tips on How to Boost Your Income for a Season.

MoneyNing lets you know What to Do When You Hate Your Job.

Budgets are Sexy presents A Day In the Life of a Poker Player.

Bargaineering presents Get Towed Twice a Year.

MoneyMonk wants to know What is “Upper” Middle-Class?

Every umpire at the Little League World Series is a volunteer. Now that’s what I call dedication to a sport!


Doughroller shares with you 11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Today.

Fine Tuned Finances talks about the Lending Club Scam.

Fiscal Fizzle presents Extremes in Personal Finance and the Conventional Approach.

FIRE Finance presents Free Money – Online Bank Account Signup Bonuses .

TIPBlog presents Alternative Income Streams.


Redeeming Riches presents Who Can You Count on For Retirement.

Good Financial Cents presents How To Survive a Stock Market Crash.

Affine Financial Services presents The Three-Minute Portfolio.

The Canadian Finance Blog presents Dividend Funds That Don’t Pay Dividends.

Investing Toolkit presents How To Find A Good Mutual Fund.

Prime Time Money presents My 403(b) Rollover to a Traditional IRA .

Saving to Invest presents How to Invest in Mutual Funds.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job presents How Does Your 401(k) Stack Up?.

Financial Highway presents Emotions and Investing: 4 Tips to Keep Emotions Out of Investing.

The Incidental Economist presents Need For Risk: The Details.

In 2007, there where over 2.2 million kids playing Little League around the world. There were also over 350,000 softball participants. Little League is a great organization to get your kids involved in.

Money Management

Mrs Bankrupt from Mrs Bankrupt presents 5 Ways to waste money.

Banker, Saver presents CD Ladder Basics: Diversifying With Certificates of Deposit.

Free From Broke presents Americans To Spend Less This Holiday Season.

My Dollar Plan presents The Best Bank for Your Money.

Help for Your Personal Finance presents How And When To Refinance A Mortgage: Rule Of Thumb.


My Findependence Day presents How Much Should You Spend When You Travel?.

Personal Finance By The Book presents Do it Yourself Car Transactions Can Save You Thousands.

Saving Cents in the City presents Lessons I Could Learn from My Younger Self – Value Work.

PennyJobs presents In the Eye of the Storm, Get a Jump on Frugal Living and Start Saving Today.


The Happy Rock presents 13 Simple Tips To Make Tent Camping Easier And More Fun.

Personal Finance Software Reviews presents Weekly Envelope Review – Personal Finance Software.

Wealth Pilgrim presents Funeral for a Friend.

Provident Planning presents New Covenant Giving: Give with Sincere Desire and Love.

Christian Finances presents 10 best tipping celebrities.

Amateur Asset Allocator presents Mortgage Life Insurance Is A Rip-Off.

One Money Design presents How Web 2.0 and Bloggers are Helping People Thrive in Personal Finance.

The Frugal New Yorker presents Time Management: A Better Way.

Green Panda Treehouse presents Weighing the Pros and Cons of Home Ownership.

The Little League World Series will continue through this week with the Championship game taking place on Sunday. Be sure to check out this great tradition with various games on ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2.

Thanks for letting me be your host this week! I hope you enjoyed all of the great articles!

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