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Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Down Credit Card Debt?

Back when I was knee-deep in credit card debt, saving for retirement was about the last thing on my list of priorities. It simply made no sense to me to put away money for the future when my debt was costing me so much ...

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Use Your Credit Card as an Emergency Fund?

A few months back when I wrote about how our small emergency fund saved us, No Debt Guy commented on how having an emergency fund in cash may be counterproductive. Here is what he said: I have often wondered if having an emergency fund is the best way to pay off debt or is ...

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Cash Is King, But Do You Really Spend Less When You Pay With It?

I listen to The Dave Ramsey Show almost every day when I am walking to work. One of his favorite phrases is that "Cash Is King". He also argues (with good references) that people spend more when they use credit. He states that a recent study found that individuals typically spend 12-18% more when they use ...

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Rent-to-Own is a Bad Deal

If you've never heard of it, rent-to-own (RTO) is a process where you rent an item (typically furniture or electronics) for a set amount of months and when you finish out the term of the rental agreement, you get to keep the item as your own. However, there are some things to consider when using ...

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Credit Cards vs Debit Cards: Liability for Fraudulent Charges

This will probably be a short post but I still wanted to address this important topic. With many individuals now becoming victims of identity theft, it's important to know the amounts that you may be liable for if your credit/debit card is stolen.

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How to Choose Credit Cards With Rewards to Save Money – Part 2

This is the 2nd part of Mr Credit Card's guest post. In the previous post, he focused primarily on how to choose a cash back card to save money. In this post, he is going to discuss more about reward cards that let you earn points. His site has lots of information and ...

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