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Be Back Soon (Hopefully)!

I just wanted to give you a quick status update from my world. Here is what happened in the past 4 weeks:

  1. I got married to a beautiful woman
  2. We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon
  3. We moved into a larger apartment in the same complex
  4. I started my new job and I am currently in Cincinnati for training

There you have it. Can you see why I wasn’t blogging? 😉 Well, there is another reason I wasn’t blogging either. This site may cause a conflict of interest with my new job. Therefore, I need to file certain forms to see if I can continue this site. I hope everything will work out and I will be able to get back to blogging by the end of next week.

So, I want to apologize to all of you readers for not having content that I know you are dying to read. I also want to apologize to Chris. Actually, I have been apologizing to him behind the scenes but I thought this was appropriate as well. He has been sending me plenty of articles but because of the new job, I have been unable to publish them. I hope to get them going again too as soon as I am back in business.

Anyway, I hope you continue to stick around!

New Blogger Coming to The Site!

Well, I am glad to announce that we are getting a new contributor on the site. As I mentioned the other day, I will be very inactive over the next few weeks due to some personal events. Because of that, I am looking for guest posts from other bloggers (and readers).

The other day, I received an email from a frequent reader named Chris. He is a twenty-something married man who is living a life in debt. He wanted to do a guest post, but after finding out more about him, I realized his quest to become debt-free will be a great addition to this site. As you obviously know, I do not blog about my finances very much as they are not that exciting. In order to get you readers some additional topics, I asked Chris if he would like to contribute to the blog on a weekly basis. Thankfully, he accepted and you can expect to see about 2 posts from him each week. Also, starting in August, you can expect him to show you his budget and net worth statement.

I will continue to post about various personal finance topics that motivate, educate and stimulate your financial minds. Chris will be more of a personal touch to the blog and you can follow him in his quest to become debt-free. Chris will basically be starting from scratch so you can expect posts on budgets, debt reduction methods, spending methods, etc. Anyway, wish Chris luck! You should see his first post on Wednesday of this week. Also, I am still looking for guest posts to fill in the gaps. Make sure you contact me to get your post included!

Looking For Guest Bloggers!

I need your help! I want to keep good content on the site over the next few weeks but I am going to be extremely busy. First, I’m starting a new job August 3rd and there are a lot of things that I need to complete to get ready. Second, our wedding is less than a month away and the future Mrs is asking for my help with various small things. Third, we will be traveling to Jamaica for a week after the wedding. Fourth, we are moving as soon as we get back. Sound crazy? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

So, with all of that going on, I will obviously be posting less and less frequently. To fill in some of the gaps, I would like to insert some guest posts. If I had to pick, I would say that I need some posts on debt reduction, charity, personal stories, frugal tips, family, etc. I typically do not blog about those things so it would be nice for readers to get a good dose of them.

Please contact me if you would like to be featured as a guest contributor. You do not have to be a blogger in order to be featured. So, if you have a unique story that you would like to share, please let me know. Obviously, if you are a blogger, your posts will be accepted as well and you have a great chance to expose the YMR readers to your blog.

Subscriber Swap Saturday – No Debt Plan

No Debt Plan is about getting and staying out of debt with a plan. Kevin, the author, is passionate about budgeting, saving for the future, and using goals to reach financial freedom. You can subscribe to his blog by RSS or email.

This interview is part of a feature he’s developed called Subscriber Swap Saturday. The basic idea is to get the subscribers of one blog to subscribe to the other blog for at least a week, just to try it out. After a week if you don’t find that blogger’s content enticing, drop it. The hope is that over time you will find several writers that you weren’t familiar with who provide meaningful content to you. You can read more about Subscriber Swap Saturday at his get out of debt blog, as well as his interview with me. Here are my questions to Kevin:

YMR: Did you have any formal personal finance training in high school or college?

Kevin: I took a corporate finance course as part of my management degree. In the class the professor touched on some of the basics. Everything else has come from my own reading (magazines and online primarily). We may have touched on the basics — like balancing a checkbook — in high school, but that was about it.

YMR: Do you think we need to be teaching personal finance to our younger generations?

Kevin: Anything would be an improvement in my eyes. Let’s show them how deadly — and useful — credit cards can be. Let’s show them how a 30-year mortgage really works and how you shouldn’t buy a house unless you really, really plan to stay in it for a while. How investing early means you don’t necessarily have to invest as much. I could go on and on for days, but those are some highlights.

YMR: What was the best advice that your family gave you about money?

Kevin: Save 10% of everything you make and spend less than you earn. I don’t remember any significant “sit down talks” about money, but these stick out to me. In fact I think 10% isn’t even close to what we all need to be saving, but it’s a start in the right direction.

YMR: What has your family or friends taught you about what NOT to do with your money (i.e. what made you say, “now that was a dumb financial move”)?

Kevin: Hmm… interesting question. My parents, unfortunately, don’t have nearly enough saved for retirement. However they get the luxury of social security, something I feel our generation will likely do without. I try to spread the financial gospel as far as I can, and I can’t think of any major financial problems friends have made. We made the “mistake” of buying a house we love then realizing we probably weren’t going to live in this city for 5-7 years to make our money back, but we’re not underwater or anything like that.

YMR: How would you describe your site to my readers in five words or less?

Kevin: Debt to wealth through planning.

YMR: Do you ever think that there will be too many financial blogs on the internet? Why or why not?

Kevin: Ehhhh… yes and no. A lot of what you read is the same old stuff being rehashed — don’t use credit cards, save money, etc. It’s tough to remain interesting to a large audience. But I think those that can differentiate themselves or settle into a solid niche will enjoy success. I hope you and I are among them!

YMR: What has been your favorite post to write and why?

Kevin: I’m somewhat proud of my No Debt Plan (the actual plan behind the blog). Other than that I can’t think of one post that really just makes me go wow, I did a great job there. Not sure if that means all my posts are merely okay, or if everything I write is Pulitzer-worthy… 😉

The New Site is Here! What Do You Think?

Well, as you can obviously see (unless you are reading this in RSS or email), the site has changed looks. I am still working on a few things here and there (mostly visual), but this is most likely the end result. If you see something that is missing or something that you want to see, let me know. I will consider things that you need!

If you are reading this in RSS or email, click here to see the new site!

Weekly Roundup – May 3rd

Welcome to this weeks roundup! There were plenty of great articles this week and it was hard narrowing them down to some of my favorites. However, I did it and am very happy to share them with you.

On a side note, I wanted to mention that I have resurrected the Carnival of Money Stories. It is a weekly blog carnival where bloggers share their unique money stories/experiences. I am currently looking for hosts. It is a great way to get some recognition (and links) from other bloggers. If you do not want to host but would rather submit one of your articles, head over to the submission page.

Articles of the Week

My Life ROI give you 6 signs that the recession is ending. I hope #2 doesn’t end soon. We are shopping for our honeymoon!

Wealth Pilgrim has 7 steps to turn your college-bound kid into a financial genius.

Pinyo at Moolanomy says that college students should take responsibility for their financial situation.

Miranda at Yielding Wealth recommends not using your 401(k) as a savings account. I second that!

Matt at Stupid Cents has a great tip on how to get discounts at eBay.

Is it better to sell to an atheist or a virgin? Kevin at The Money Hawk lets you know the answer.

Baker at Man vs Debt compares Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. Which one is right?

Hope you enjoyed this weeks great posts!