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Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Down Credit Card Debt?

Back when I was knee-deep in credit card debt, saving for retirement was about the last thing on my list of priorities. It simply made no sense to me to put away money for the future when my debt was costing me so much ...

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Starting to Invest: Opening an IRA

Without much more than basic knowledge of how the stock market works, I was prepared to wait to get involved until I got a job with a 401k. I figured that would help me get my feet wet and provide the motivation I needed to learn more and prepare for the future. Words like "investing", ...

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If You Work In Retirement, Are You Still Considered Retired?

Retirement is something that we all strive to achieve. It symbolizes the end of a long career and is the point where you can relax and reap the rewards of life. However, many individuals these days are not prepared financially for retirement. Either they did ...

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The Average Net Worth of Americans: Where Do You Stand?

I absolutely love using the calculators at There are so many cool ones that I use frequently. They have one for housing prices, cost of living comparison, retirement needs, saving for college, etc. I actually just stumbled across one for the average net worth of Americans. ...

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Free Retirement Guides from Forbes and

Forbes, in partnership with Amazon, has some free retirement guides available for download. These guides are only available until the end of February. Head over there to get your copies today! Make sure you save them on your computer so you can access them ...

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Should You Forgo A Match From a 401(k) In Order to Start an Emergency Fund?

I received a question the other week that many people seem to be asking. We will leave the commenter anonymous for obvious reasons. Here is the question: "My husband and I have no emergency savings. However, we do participate in my husband's 401(k) with matching employer contribution. Considering today's current conditions, would we be better served ...

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