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How Much Debt Do You Have?

I am going to start to post some very small articles on Saturdays. They are going to consist of polls, smallĀ snippetsĀ that make you think or quick updates. I am also going to include a roundup in the post each week. So, make sure you check in on the weekends to read up on some articles ...

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Best Time To Shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx

Clothing is one of the really difficult things for me to spend money on. If you looked through my closet, I could point out to you over a dozen articles of clothing that have been in there for 6+ years. Yeah, I just don't shop for clothing that much. When I do shop for clothing, I ...

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Friday Feed Frenzy – The Debtor’s Mind

Well, it's been a little while since I had a roundup so I thought I would get back in the mix. It's tough for me to read as many blogs as I used to. I can't read blogs at work like many other bloggers can. Frankly, it stinks. I feel so much more disconnected than ...

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1 Year Anniversary of Your Money Relationship

Well, I just noticed that I started Your Money Relationship on July 2, 2008. That makes this site 1 year and 6 days old. So, I'm a little late but it has been a great year here and I am very grateful that I have made it this far. I know that it has been ...

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Weekly Roundup – May 24th

Hope your long weekend is going well! We are headed off to some friends today for a cookout/pool party. Enjoy the time off the next two days and do some relaxing while reading these great articles from last week. Matt from Five Cent Nickel asks what's your money mindset? Free From Broke gives ...

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Weekly Roundup – May 10th

Hope your weekend is going well! Ours started off with a bang yesterday when we booked our honeymoon! Heading off to Jamaica at the end of July (during hurricane season of course) for an all-inclusive extravaganza. I am working on a post for tomorrow detailing our experience with AAA travel. I'll just say that ...

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