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Frugal Wedding Tip: When Should You Have It?

This post is one in a series on frugal wedding tips.

One of the initial steps in the wedding planning process is picking a date. The peak wedding season is said to be from June through September. If you choose a date during this peak period you can expect to pay elevated prices. Companies do this because they know you will pay. Can you plan your wedding on those other months? If you can, you can save a lot of money!

Be Open to a Winter Wedding

Supposedly, winter weddings are starting to catch on. Personally, I would not have minded a winter wedding. We are going to be spending all of our time inside anyway. Why does it matter what the temperature is outside? Having a winter wedding can drastically reduce your costs because not many people will be vying for the same venue. In addition, if you are heading somewhere warm for your honeymoon, you will appreciate it even more!

Get Married on Superbowl Sunday?

This is something that I would HIGHLY recommend against. Even though the both of you may not like football, that does not mean that every one of your guests dislike it. Can you picture it now? You are in the middle of your first dance and you notice that your Uncle Ron is nowhere to be found as well as 50% of your guests. Where are they? They are in the other room watching the game on Uncle Ron’s portable television! Like I said, avoid this day even if the price is too low to pass up. You will be disappointed with something!

Have Your Wedding Earlier in the Day/Week

A great way to save close to 15% is to have your wedding reception earlier. I am talking from around 1 to 4. This will allow the venue to prepare for another reception after yours. This will require you to have your wedding earlier in the morning around 10:30. Did I hear about a superstition that said you should get married when all the hands of the clock are going up?

Having the wedding earlier in the week, say Friday can also save you a bundle of money. It’s because the venue can then hold another wedding reception. I pity the people who book it for that Saturday for almost 20% more for the same thing!

Would anyone like to share their personal wedding date story?

Frugal Wedding Tip: Location, Location, Location

When in comes to wedding planning, location is right at the top of the list (besides making sure the bride and groom are there). The location of your wedding and reception will be one of those things that you will remember. It will be in your pictures, video, and mind forever. Because it is such a memorable part of your wedding, many think that you need to spend a fortune. That is not necessarily the case!

Don’t Always Fall for the “All-Inclusive” Sites

A site that includes everything can be a great deal. For example, you may find a beautiful hotel that also takes care of the food, flowers, cake, etc. However, the only way to find out if you are getting a deal is to shop around yourself. You may be getting ripped off! Just a few hours of shopping around can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Look for “Out of the Ordinary” Locations

You do not always have to go for the “standard” location. That would include nurseries, hotels, and banquet halls. Be on the look out for beautiful locations in your area that many would not think of. That may include historic buildings, old libraries, bed and breakfasts, farms, museums, parks, and beaches. These sites may be rented for a fraction of the price. Most of these places also allow you to select your own caterer, etc. That could also save you a tremendous amount of money.

Head Outdoors

Outdoor weddings (with the right location) are some of the most beautiful sites. They are also cheap (most)! I know you are taking a risk with an outdoor wedding (weather), but most of them turn out great. Some things may be expensive to rent (tent, chairs, etc.) but you can still shop around for those things. If you were planning on having your wedding in one of the five-star hotels, the outdoor option can save you money even with all of the other purchases involved.

Ask Your Friends/Family

Some of your friends or family may have the perfect home for your wedding. Have an uncle that has a home on the shore that woud be perfect? Ask him if you could have the wedding there! I think he would be flattered. Just make sure you tell him that you will take care of EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. Clean-up included!

Anyone have some stories on finding their dream location? How much money did you save?

Frugal Wedding Tip: Save the Date Cards

Last week I shared with you a tip on having a frugal cocktail style wedding reception. This week I am going to talk about cheap ways to make “Save the Date” cards. Save the date cards serve as a reminder for your guests about the upcoming wedding. It allows them to place the date on their calendar and make travel arrangements if needed.

They Do Not Have to Be Letters

Save the date cards do not have to be formal letters. I recommend using a postcard of some sorts. You can even have postcards made with a picture on them in order to personalize them some. The cost of mailing the cards will also be cheaper than tradition letters. For example, if you have 300 guests, it will cost you around $126 to send traditional letters. If you mail postcards, it will only cost you $81 as they are cheaper to mail.

Make Your Own

You can add your own creativity to the cards by making them yourself. Get some nice card stock and print them from your computer at home. Make sure you add your own touch to the cards by adding a photo or placing a theme on them, as it will make them more memorable. It is also a great way to spend some time with your soon to be spouse!

Forget the Paper

As many of you know, we now live in a digital world. Many of your guests will be very open to the idea of “Save the Date” emails. I recommend designing the email to look like a card. You can do this by using Microsoft Publisher or having them professionally made for a fraction of the cost. Of course, there are going to be some guests that do not have email or would rather receive traditional cards. You should be able to tell who those individuals are.

Can anyone else think of some ideas? What did you use for your wedding?

Frugal Wedding Tip: Traveling Cocktail Party Reception

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be getting married to my beautiful finance on July 18, 2009. In order to get me thinking about the wedding, I’ve decided to write a weekly post on frugal wedding tips.

This first tip of the series is about having a cocktail style reception dinner. This is what we have decided to do for our wedding. Basically, this means that we are not planning to serve a full course meal. Instead, we plan to have a variety of food stations that offer different selections of food. This means guests will be able to travel around from station to station in order to get the food they like! This will also require allow them to mingle with all of the guests. Here is an example of our food selections:

Station One:
-Honey Chicken Spears
-Fried Mozzarella
-Korean Beef Skewers

Station Two:
-Assorted Wings
-Ranch and Blue Cheese

Station Three:
-Assorted tea sandwiches

Station Four:
-Jumbo wrapped shrimp
-Focaccia Pizza

Station Five:
-Fruit Wands (a variety of fruits)
-Assorted cheese cubes
-Chocolate fondue fountain

Station Six:
-Punch Table, Assorted Beverages

Station Seven:
-The Wedding Cake

The book that we got this tip out of is titled 1000 Best Wedding Bargains. The book suggests that you can trim anywhere from 15 to 45 percent off of your per-guest charges by holding this type of reception.

When my fiance first suggested this to me, I thought about the money we would save. I think we can save quite a bit of money since we can cut back on some of the meats (which can be expensive if you have to buy on piece for each person). I also wondered if our guests would think that we were cheap for planning it this way. Then, I realized that most would think that it was unique and a great experience. Can you think of the last time you went to a wedding like this? I know I can’t!

Can you think of any other way this can save money or increase the enjoyability of your guests?