Guest Posts

Let’s just say that I LOVE guest posts. The reason that I love them so much is because it gives you, the reader, the opportunity to tell your story.

Let me get this first thing straight. You do not have to be a blogger to write a guest post for this site. I want to hear your personal story. Don’t worry though, you can be anonymous. Transparency definitely isn’t for everyone.

Here are some things that I require when submitting a post:

  1. Contact me first. Just give me a heads up on what you want to write about and how you want me to present it.
  2. Write from your heart. I want you to put your all into the post to stir up some great discussion with the amazing readers of this site.
  3. Don’t send me anything with affiliate links, advertisements, etc. I will not post them by any means.
  4. Feel free to link back to your own site if you have one. I mean, don’t link every word in your post but I don’t care if you want to send some traffic to your site.
  5. Send me your completed file. If you own a blog, I expect a little more out of you. Please send me the file in a .txt format. If you are just a reader wanting to tell your story, send me a copy in Word. I can format it just fine from that.

There you go! Pretty easy right? Well then, get to writing!

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