Debt Update: The End Of Summer

Hey all! It’s the last full month of summer and an overall good one for our finances. Once again, not much has changed (i.e. we didn’t win the lottery). However, we did have another record month for our family loan payment. We were able to drop a $1,500 bomb on it. It’s definitely not going to be that much next month but it feels awesome to pay that much off right now!

Also, I know I haven’t been posting frequently on here and it’s mostly due to a new project of mine. I am working on a new blog called Things To Learn. Basically, I write about things that interest me that I have a desire to learn more about. Have you ever had a random thought pop into your head that you didn’t know the answer to? Well, this new blog puts those thoughts on the web.

Now, I’m not saying this blog is kaput. It’s not. I just won’t blog that often. But when I do, I hope to knock it out of the park.

Here’s to getting out of debt!

13 thoughts on “Debt Update: The End Of Summer

  1. Jolyn@Budgets are the New Black

    Looking good, staying the course. 🙂 Even if you don’t blog here often, you’ll still have this as a running commentary and reference for your path to becoming debt-free, and that alone will make it worth keeping it open.

    I hope you’ll add this post link to my blog’s monthly debt and net worth update post that will be on my blog September 3rd. I’ve been posting my monthly updates for several months now (over a year?). I’m just starting a linky-linky to encourage others to share their updates to help inspire and motivate others — and so we can cheer each other on, as well!

  2. Joe

    Hey guys, was just wondering if you have ever tried (it may seem like I work for them, but I swear I dont). It is a site that lets you track all your bank accounts, loans, assets, etc. in one place, and dynamically updates your accounts if you provide your credentials. It would be a much more efficient tracking method than doing it manually through Excel.

  3. Sean Browne

    Getting out of debt is always a big hill to climb. Debt can easily deteriorate a person’s lifestyle, and this can be really depressing. I remember when I was so far into debt that I would be losing sleep over it. Having to deal with payments upon payments and barely being able to afford a decent meal. But proper planning and management can help dramatically in getting out of debt.

    What I did was added up all my income and made a plan for myself which would pay all my bills and slowly start to chip away at my debt. Before I knew it I had a good amount of savings, my debt had dropped drastically, and I was enjoying life a lot more before I hit rock bottom.

    I know it’s easy to talk about things and make it happen, but if you put in enough dedication to getting out of debt, it’s definitely achievable. Sometimes you just have to cut out all the unnecessary expenses and save money to pay bills. It might be horrible at first but once you see the debt declining, it’s definitely inspiring to carry on with getting out of debt.

    Please feel free to check out my blog and leave comments for me at

    Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Corina

    Its truly inspiring to see you working through your debts. Helps motivate the rest of us.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. sherlyn

    Not bad, this one is one of your great blogs. Everybody drops a lot of money every summer. Because you know summer is a great season to enjoy. I think that debt is too much. . .

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