Debt Update: $1,000 On The Family Loan

Another month come and gone. Is it just me or is time flying by this year?

Anyway, it was another typical month. Nothing too special. We did pay $1,000 on the family loan, our largest amount to date! We’re hoping it leads to a lot more in the future.

August should be a good month as we are getting an extra $1,000 from a summer job that my wife did plus about $500 in some stuff that we sold on eBay.

8 thoughts on “Debt Update: $1,000 On The Family Loan

    1. Adam Post author

      Get selling! It helps give you the feeling of getting some traction. Not to mention it helps remove clutter from the house.

  1. mel

    That’s awesome that you are making progress. Every time I try to implement something like this, something comes up, like fixing the car, or I just feel too overwhelmed by the numbers. Thanks for showing that people in debt really can get out.

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