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My wife and I use several financial products to help us get out of debt. Check out these great products the we use and support fully.


When it comes to budgeting, we just couldn’t get the pen and paper thing to work. It was hard to track all of our spending while still making sure we were within out budget. That’s were Mvelopes comes in.

Mvelopes is an online based budgeting program that works off of the old reliable envelope method. For those of you that aren’t aware of the envelope method, it is where you place all of your budgeted money, let’s say for groceries, into an envelope. Once you run out of money in the envelope, you’re done. You can’t spend any additional money in that category. Well, Mvelopes digitizes all of that for you. You no longer need to carry all of that cash around! My wife and I use our debit card for everything and it’s just like spending cash. The transactions automatically get downloaded in Mvelopes and you just tell the program which envelope to take it out of. Mvelopes also has some great features to help you get out of debt. They have a debt calculator where you can see which method for paying off debt is best for you.

Mvelopes is also nice because it is web based. During the week, I live in PA and my wife lives in MD. This program allows us to check up on our budget on-the-go and my wife and I can chat about it even when we are apart. I highly recommend this product and if you want any more information about it, just contact me. If it sounds like it’s for you, just click on the banner below. You get a FREE 30-day trial with the link and I know you will stick with the program long after the trial period.

Core Mvelopes Message

Although we use Mvelopes for all of our budgeting, I still use Quicken for a lot of reports and investment stuff. Their reports are unmatched when it comes to design. Quicken also has the ability to download transactions straight to the software. I still download stuff to Quicken just so I can use the reports. I check our net worth, investment performance and tax information on Quicken. It just helps complete the financial package that I am looking for. Now, if I can find a program that combines Mvelopes and Quicken, I am gold!


Our savings account only has $1,000 in it for emergencies but at least we have something! We trust our savings with ING Direct. They have great customer service, an easy webpage and a great interest rate. It may not always be the top rate, but the other features make up for that. They even have a cool feature where you can open multiple accounts and name them for a savings goal. For example, we have a couple accounts. One named “emergency fund” and another named “vacation fund”. We never get things co-mingled! My wife and I highly recommend an ING Direct account.

Credit Scores

As you can tell from reading the blog, I am not a big supporter of debt. I feel that there are some good types of debt (15 year mortgage, student loans) and that it’s important to keep your credit score in tip top shape. Your credit score is used in a number of non-debt items like jobs searches, apartment leases, auto insurance, etc. That’s why it’s so important to keep it in check. We use myFICO to do that. Fortunately for us, we receive this feature for free with our credit union. We get an email every month letting us know that our FICO has been updated and we can check it out. Now, myFICO has a lot of services that they provide. I am only recommending their actual FICO monitoring. Don’t spend money on a credit report from them. You can get those for free at

See How Lenders See Your FICO Score


If you’re not into blogging, then don’t read any further. If you are into blogging and don’t want to spend much time on design, then the Headway Theme is perfect for you. This blog in run on Headway and it was super-easy to design. If I would have had someone design this for me under another theme, it would have cost me a couple hundred dollars. Headway more than paid for itself in that regard.

Headway has an awesome feature called the Visual Editor. It allows you to see your changes real-time while you are designing it. Want to change the color? Click on the area you want to change and then change the color code. It’s really that easy!

Headway also allows you to create different sidebars for pages and system pages. Want to show ads on individual posts and not your main page? It can easily be done with Headway. What are you waiting on? Try it out today! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I think I need about 5 hands to count all of the domains I own. I am constantly coming up with ideas for future projects and getting the domain names for them. Nobody makes it easier to get a domain than GoDaddy. If you are planning on running a blog/website on a server, it’s always a good idea to get your hosting from another company. It’s never good to have all of your eggs in one basket. I recommend Bluehost which is my next endorsed product. This banner below has a good deal on domains. They are typically $10.49 per year!

Go Daddy $7.49 .com domains

This site is hosted on BlueHost. I have never had a problem with them and when I had questions about how to tweak things on my site, they were very helpful (and they spoke English!). They are fairly inexpensive and it gives you unlimited server space.

Please read my disclaimer about the recommendations above.