Friday Feed Frenzy – Day Off Edition

Woohoo! I FINALLY got a day off from work. Tax season is such a chaotic time! I am hoping to stockpile some blog posts this weekend so I don’t have such a lack of content as I did this past week. Sorry about that! Please contact me with any questions that you may have. Having questions makes the writing process a little easier for me when I have so many things going on at once!

Also, I am thinking about starting a blog on income tax (am I boring or what?). I am trying to think of some names for the site. I have thought of a few. Can you think of any? If you comment with a good name I will give you 3 additional entries to the contest that ends tomorrow night. I am starting the site to help me study for the Enrolled Agent exam. I am hoping that writing about the topic as well as answering tax questions will help me along.

Anyway, here are some posts that I enjoyed over the past week. Enjoy!

Great Posts

Pete from Bible Money Matters followed up my post on emergency funds earlier this week with how emergency funds make your life better.

Do you qualify for the Recovery Rebate Credit? TaxGirl answers that question for you!

Want to make your teenager a millionare? Frugal Dad gives some tips on how to get them there.

Nickel from Five Cent Nickel gives you the most commonly overlooked tax deductions.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to your suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Friday Feed Frenzy – Day Off Edition

  1. Pete

    Thanks for the link – and the great post that inspired me!

    Now, it’s time to go do my taxes.. but first I’ll check those tax links you put up.

  2. Yana

    Tax Matters Unlimited
    Taxing Relationship Solutions
    Your Taxing Relationship
    The Taxman

    Just my two cents worth 😉

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