Friday Feed Frenzy – Stock Market Roller Coaster Edition

This week has been a crazy one for the stock market (by the way, I absolutely love this picture). Down 4% one day, up 4% the next. Many blog posts this week dealt with the market turmoil, buyouts, etc. I try not to worry about short-term market fluctuations because I am investing for the long haul. I know that the times are tough, but we have pressed through them before. Things will be better again soon!

I know that I have not posted that frequently lately, but if you saw my work for school, you would know why! Since it is my last semester, everything is coming together. I also will be attending 3 professional conferences in the next few months. I will be heading to Schwab Impact next week in Atlanta, the Financial Planning Association annual conference in Boston in October, and the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education annual conference in Los Angeles in November. So, if my posting is sporadic, you know why!

Here are some articles that I found particularly interesting this week. As you see, there are none about this weeks financial news.

Paul over at Wise Bread tells us how he got some CEO’s to really listen to his complaints. I never really knew that CEO’s at companies really read complaint letters. I might try this next time I have some bad experiences. Actually, maybe I will have Mrs. Adam write some letter’s to some of the companies that have been ripping her off lately.

JD at Get Rich Slowly talks about the never-ending war against advertising.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity gives some great tips on how to draft a basic financial savings plan.

Gather Little by Little gives some great advice on how to sell a used car. I have been reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and I have considered selling my car as he suggests (be a gazelle). I do not know if I will go through with it, but this article still has some great tips.

Single Guy Money wants to know if you are really ready to buy a home. Mrs. Adam and I have been talking about this recently. We know it is a GREAT time to buy a home in the area where we live (well, I won’t be living there until December).

photo by azrainman

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  1. Stock Trader

    Thank you for injecting a little of your common sense and wit into this conversation. A lot of people are screaming that the sky is falling, and I will be the first to agree that this has been a horrible week, but the market will turn around. It is a rollercoaster, like you said, full of ups and downs.

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