Friday Feed Frenzy

I’ve decided to share with you some articles that I enjoyed this past week (and every week from here on out). I am going to call it ‘Friday Feed Frenzy’, which sounds appropriate since I am getting the feeds from my reader. Sometimes it is a frenzy to read all of them!

Trent over at The Simple Dollar had a great article on creating things vs. just consuming things. It was by far my favorite of the week.

Five Cent Nickel gives some great tips on how to save money on prescription drugs.

Pinyo over at Moolanomy has some great tips on Asset Allocation and pretty much everything that you need to know about it.

Ben at Trees Full of Money has a great article on protecting your identity and credit rating. It is a must read!

The Frugal Duchess lets you know the best and the worst credit cards and how to avoid the credit pits.

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has 5 reasons your should donate your car instead of selling it.

I am hoping to get some more posts up this weekend as I know that I promised them to you! This week has been rather difficult in terms of school and it has kept me occupied. Have a great weekend everyone!

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