Friday Feed Frenzy: It’s Back Edition

Well, I decided to bring the Friday Feed Frenzy back. I was thinking about my posting schedule and this just seems like the best place to put a roundup. Lately, I have been focusing on quality over quantity in terms of my posts and would like your input. Would you rather see more posts or are you liking the higher quality (and longer) posts? I was thinking of keeping my schedule to about 2-3 finance posts per week, a roundup, and possibly something motivational on Sundays. How does that sound?

I also wanted to point out that I have a new Question and Answer section. You can click on the link to check it out and you can find the Q&A button in the navigation menu about the logo.Ā I really enjoy receiving questions from readers and turning it into an amazing post. It ensures that I am writing about what you want and not just what’s on my to-do list. Be sure you get your questions in!

Now that I will inevitably receive your comments, it’s time to share with you some great posts that I found this week. Make sure you check out each one as I painstakingly selected them for a reason! šŸ˜‰

Great ReadsĀ 

Pete from Bible Money Matters says don’t fall into the trap of not budgeting when things go well. This is a great article for those of us who have went of the path of successful budgeting. Personally, we have not sat down and done a budget since we moved in together. My income has been very inconsistent (and sparse) lately but that is no excuse.

Baker at Man Vs Debt has 27 last minute considerations before moving accross the world. If you ever have the urge to just pick up and leave the country, make sure you follow everything on this list.

Mrs Micah shows you how to set minimum freelance prices. If any of you are planning on starting a business based on your skills, this is a must read.

JasonĀ fromĀ Improve The Quality has some tips on how to keep motivated when it isn’t fun anymore. Some great tips for those of us who get frustrated easily.

Ben at Trees Full of Money shares with you his inexpensive do-it-yourself geothermal cooling system. If I owned a house, I would totally give this a try.

Madame X from My Open Wallet shares with you a great story about her recent trip the the DC suburbs. The story talks about how she interjected some great financial education into the minds of the youth in the neighborhood.Ā 

There you have it! Have a great weekend!

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