Friday Feed Frenzy – Philly Edition

Well, I am writing this from a hotel in Philadelphia. I’ve been here for almost two weeks now and I am getting pretty bored. Thankfully, my wife will be joining me this evening and hopefully we can get some quality “vacation time” in. Philly has quite a few things to do but it’s just not the same without your significant other by your side.

This weekend should be packed full of site seeing and fine dining. We are thinking of hitting the Reading Terminal Market and various art museums. I also want to take the wife out for some sushi. Know of any good sushi restaurants in Philly? Anyway, have a great weekend and enjoy these great posts from around the web!

Great Reads

Persistence Pays Off – Kelly, the new staff writer over at Consumerism Commentary, shares some thoughts on how to get to the top of the customer support pyramid.

The Last of My Debt: Student Loans – Steven from Hundred Goals only has one type of debt left and he is going to ATTACK it!

How to Avoid Paying a Mandatory Gratuity for Bad ServiceLen Penzo beat me to the punch. I was going blog about this next week. You have to read this story!

The Best Career Advice: Do Stuff – Trent at The Simple Dollar talks about how just doing things in your life can lead to various other things.

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