Friday Feed Frenzy – Wedding Edition

Well, it’s time. Next Saturday is our wedding day! We are getting very excited for the big day and some of the stress is starting to melt away. If you don’t already know, weddings can be a VERY stressful affair (just ask my fiancee). After figuring out things such as seating charts, decorations, music selections, etc, we almost feel like it would have been better to get eloped. Well, it’s too late for that now!

Moving on, there were a lot of great posts this week. Here are some of my favorites:

MyLifeROI shares with you his three most influential lessons from his childhood.

Gen X Finance has a great post on how your home is not an investment.

Wealth Pilgrim shows you how Michael Jackson’s estate can teach you one great financial lesson.

Green Panda Treehouse breaks down their Costo membership and shows you if it was worth it.

Bargaineering gives you some ideas of how to hard reset your financial life.

Enjoy the reading and have a great weekend!

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