How MyRate From Progressive is Saving Me 20% on My Auto Insurance

As I mentioned in my post on auto insurance, I am currently insured with Progressive. I switched to them because #1, they were the least expensive and #2, they offer the MyRate program. What is the MyRate program you ask? I’ll tell you!

Progressive MyRate Program

The MyRate program helps out drivers who are safe and drive only occasionally. In my case, I fit both of those classifications. I hardly ever break hard, go over 75 mph, etc. I also only have to drive 2 miles to and from the train station each day. Actually, it seems I am getting ripped off for insurance because I drive so little (I pay around $500 every 6 months). So in other words, I am being “classified” as a typical driver when I am actually not.  Here is how the MyRate program works:

1. Plug in the MyRate Device in Your Car

The device that they send you (for free) plugs right into your car. It monitors things such as time spent in the car, speed, breaking, excessive acceleration, etc. So obviously, if you do all of those things in excess, this program is probably not for you.

2. Drive as You Normally Would

The device then wirelessly and securely sends information to Progressive. It’s that easy! You really do not even know it’s there.

3. Log In and See How Well You’re Driving

This is by far the funnest part. I love logging in and seeing how my driving compares to the masses. Here is how I compare to the nation on average per day:

Number of Trips Per Day:     Me 3  |  Nation 5

Driving Time:     Me 0:52  |  Nation  1:12 (in hours)

Over 75 mph:     Me 0  |  Nation 0:42

Mileage:     Me 30.7  |  Nation 31.1

Sudden Starts:     Me 0  |  Nation 2

Sudden Stops:     Me  0  |  Nation 4

Those are some pretty good numbers on my part. You know what that means? I SAVE MONEY!

According to the renewal rate, I will be saving $105 at my renewal. A savings of around 20%! Not to bad for being a good driver.

I think I will be staying with Progressive from now on thanks to this program.

Anyone else using this program or planning to switch after reading this?

3 thoughts on “How MyRate From Progressive is Saving Me 20% on My Auto Insurance

  1. Jonathan

    This hard brake tracking is kinda stupid.
    This doesn’t determine if you’re a “good” driver or not.

    It just shows, you’re a scared driver or a coward one.
    A driver who will most likely not pass a car up, ever.

    I know a person like that.

    Also, I do not see how driving during 12am to 4am is considered high risk time.

    There are far less cars, hardly any traffic at all on the roads. It’s actually, much safer. The more cars, the more dangerous. There are lights on your car, it’s not hard to see.

    I am in this program for 1 day, and it said I had 8 hard brakes. Whatever, I just know of 1-2 I did, but that’s because I am driving on roads that twist and turn. The fun roads, which is required to drive on.

    I guess, with this thing, you will have to drive slow and start the stop from a long distance away.

    Hard brake should be more like -10MPH or more per second. -7MPH isn’t really braking fast. You can slightly press it and get from 55 to 48 in a second.

    Anyways, I hope I get some sort of discount..

    1. Jonathan

      Hey Jonathan,
      Did you ever debate with them the 8 brakes on the first day?

      I’m Asking this because I had an incident where a dog randomly showed up in the road and the system recognized it as 4 hard brakes for the one stop, and two other similar incidents occurred that same week.

      I’d figure they’d look at the time frame of the hard brake incidents but apparently not.

      I’ve got 4 days left and an average of three hard stops a week. If you confronted them on it let me know.

      1. Jonathan

        Well, I got an addtional 1 later on.
        I don’t know how I got 6 during one, and 2 on another in the same trip.
        Well, same day, but I turned car off and turned it on.

        So, I think there is something fishy.

        I didn’t confront them, though.

        Later, I did a hard brake, but it shouldn’t be considered it, but oh well.

        So, I got an average of 2 a week.

        But, only had 11 total.

        I just received the thing and got a discount.
        I received an 18% discount so far. This is just 1 month of use.

        I got 9-10% discount just from my braking alone.

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