How Do People Handle Several Different Jobs?

As you can obviously tell, my posting has been very sporadic lately. I have been doing several jobs over the past few weeks and they are really taking a toll on me. Here are the jobs that I am currently working at:

1. Working from home selling seminars to universities (about 5 hours a day)

2. Working at H&R Block almost every night (5 hours a day)

3. Searching for a job/career (about 1-2 hours a day)

4. Trying to run 2 blogs (obvious lacking production)

I would really like to know how some people handle several different jobs. I am having a lot of trouble finding time to focus on all of these things at once. Maybe it’s because every job except H&R Block requires self-motivation. All I know is that I am completely exhausted by the time I make it home at night.

Do you have any tips that helped you manage your time in the past? Have you every had several jobs all at once that required most of your time?How did you handle it?

Hopefully I can collaborate all of the comments and turn them into a great post!

8 thoughts on “How Do People Handle Several Different Jobs?

  1. Mike

    How far is H&R Block from your home? The thing that kills me about part-time jobs is the ratio of commute time to work time. If you can cluster all the work in one location or area, that would help a lot.

  2. Adam Post author

    @Mike – H&R Block is about 3 miles from my house. I guess my main problem is motivation right now. The work-at-home job only pays me when I make a sale and I have yet to make one. I think once I get that first sale, things may feel better.

  3. Ben

    After my under grad studies (2001), I was living in San Francisco during the Dot Bomb time (post 9/11). Things were rough so I went back to school in the medical field. I was working 3 jobs (1 of them an internship (non paid)). The jobs were all things I were interested in, so they didn’t seem all that stressful. I was interning in a field I am still currently in, one of the paying jobs was a business my friend and I started, and the other was working for 1-800 Got Junk. The Got Junk job was awesome because I worked with people in the same situation as I who were all motivated individuals. I think the determining factor to my sanity was being around people who were passionate, having jobs that I enjoyed, and having goals to look forward to. I was working over 70-80 hours a week to make ends meet. Whew!

  4. Adam Post author

    @Ben – That’s great that you had people to be around. The bad thing about my jobs is that besides H&R Block, I am working from home with no one around. I think I just miss the interaction that comes with working at a traditional job.

  5. Michael Harr

    I know exactly where you are right now and mentally, it’s a difficult place. A couple of items that helped me with productivity was (1) installing Cool Timer so I could stay focused on the task at hand and have a countdown clock to ensure a high level of productivity and (2) taking one full day off per week. Big picture, the book, The Power of Focus, has helped me by clarifying my roles and goals. As an example, my roles and goals are:

    1. Husband
    2. Father
    3. Founder of
    4. Full Time Student
    5. One post-a-day blogger
    6. Friend


    Next to each of these I have my ultimate purpose and this drives my activities each week. I try to hang out with the wife a few hours each week, never miss homework or dinner with the kids, spend most of my day on building, do what I can with my college work, post once each day on my blog, and spend a little time with friends about every other week-I drink a healthy amount of Miller High Life to unwind. You already have a number of roles and goals even before you list your professional interests. Remembering these is important to maintaining focus and moving your life forward. But before you can tackle all of your challenges, you MUST have proper rest. When things are going haywire, slow it down and take some time to recoup. After all, rest is where productivity begins.

  6. Kate Kashman

    Ah, the blogger’s dilemma (not that it doesn’t apply to bloggers as well, of course.)

    I agree that envisioning your goal will probably help you managing things better. Is this a temporary, or are you trying to keep things together financially while you look for a full-time job. Many of us are so terrible at letting go of things, whether it be stuff, people, or jobs.

    Without knowing a lot more, I would look seriously at the sales job – are other people making sales? If so, is it that it isn’t your thing, or just a coincidence? If they aren’t making sales either, maybe this isn’t a good use of 5 hours of your day.

    I’ve been there myself (and I’m there right now, but in a different way: wife, mom, author, family member/friend, household CFO, main cleaning lady, swim league person, ….). I actually found it easier when I had three real jobs for the same reason that you mentioned: motivation.

    I’m sure you’ll muddle through this, even if it means making some changes. At least H&R Block probably won’t be this busy for too much longer 🙂

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