We’re Moving! Well, Sort of….

Technically, we are only moving right down the street to another apartment in the same complex. Believe me though, it is still moving. We are dreading picking up everything and taking it somewhere else. Honestly, who likes moving?

We think we are getting a great deal but I will let you be the judge in that. We currently live in a 1 bedroom, 744 square apartment. In the living/dining room we have two chairs (one recliner), a couch, TV stand, bookshelf, dining room table and chairs. It’s really not as cramped as it sounds but it could be a little roomier. In the bedroom we have a full size bed, bookshelf, dresser, and a rather large L-shaped desk. Let’s just say that it is very cramped in there.

The new apartment will be a two-bedroom, 918 sq ft space. We will be keeping the living/dining room the same because we do not gain that much more space in that area. However, with the additional bedroom we will be able to move the giant desk out of our sleeping area and into a place that is more appropriate. We think it’s a great deal because we are getting a 23% increase in space for only a 6% increase in our rent. Sound good? We think it’s amazing!

7 thoughts on “We’re Moving! Well, Sort of….

  1. Adam

    @J Money – We are very excited about not having all of this crap crammed into such a small space. Moving only 100 yards down the road makes it much harder because you are moving all of the stuff such a short distance. It’s just a nuisance.

  2. lulu

    I hate moving too but congrats on the new space. I live in a 2 BR place and having the separate room, even though it is tiny is a BIG relief.

  3. Adam Post author

    @Pete – We are definitely excited about the new apartment. We are just dreading the one day that it will take us to move. Hopefully since it is only down the street, we will not have boxes in our apartment for months after the move.

    @Lulu – I am excited about the new room because of the desk. It will just make things so much nicer and relaxed. I just feel stressed when I am in the bedroom/office right now.

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