Spring Cleaning = Cash

I know what you are thinking, "This guy is crazy, spring is over!"  Well, spring cleaning can come late for some people, especially procrastinators like me (and possibly you). :-) When I talk about spring cleaning, I am specifically referring to selling some of the junk that you don't use. As you are cleaning up around ...

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Debt Update: Two Months Combined

Yeah, yeah. I know I'm a month behind. Doesn't that make this more exciting though? :-D Well, the last two months for us were full of financial surprises. We paid for a graduate class, had our tires replaced, blah, blah, blah. It seems to be getting a little old if you ask me. I just want ...

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Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Perfection is something that I thought could be obtained in some way. Actually, it almost caused me to quit writing this blog. One of the reasons that I blogged so infrequently was because I was always trying to create the "perfect" blog post. Well, I'm here to tell you that perfection does not exist. It ...

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Where to Go From Here

I have been thinking a lot about writing lately and wanted to propose a slight change to some of the posts. I want to keep writing about money and debt but I also want to being to write about improving ones life and just winning in general. I don't really want to push you away ...

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A Life of Quiet Desperation

This article was written by Steven, author of Hundred Goals, a blog about achieving your goals while managing your finances.  Steven writes about traveling the world while completing a life list of 100+ goals including Riding in a Hot Air Balloon and Giving Away $100 to a Complete Stranger.

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The Root of Our Money Problems

We finally found the root of our money problems. Want to know what it is? According to my wife, it's me. When she said that in the car to me the other night, I laughed it off. But as I sat there ...

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