Let’s Start Off 2009 With a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate!

Until 11:59 PM on January 31st, I am running a contest for a $50 Amazon gift certificate. You can use it for whatever your heart desires (as long as Amazon sells it). You can earn entries in the contest by doing various things on the site such as asking a question, subscribing to the feed by email, leaving a comment, etc. Here is a complete list of things you can earn entries on:

  • Mentioning the original contest post on your site*: 10 entries
  • Mentioning the contest on your Facebook page*: 5 entries
  • Following me on Twitter#: 5 entries
  • Submitting a post from the site to PFBuzz.com (look for the button at the bottom of each post): 3 entries
  • Being the first to constructively comment on a new post: 3 entries
  • Constructively commenting on a new post (max 1 entry per post): 1 entry
  • Voting for a post from the site on PFBuzz.com: 1 entry

*requires you to leave a comment on this post or the contest page (pingbacks are fine) with the URL in the text of where you mentioned the article

#requires you to direct message me on Twitter stating that you are now following my updates

I will be updating the top 5 leaders each Sunday. The final winner will be announced on Sunday February 1st. Good luck!

28 thoughts on “Let’s Start Off 2009 With a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate!

  1. Yana

    That is a great prize! I subscribed to the feed, and am on my way to taking more steps towards some amazon shopping 🙂

  2. Adam Post author

    Thanks everyone! I have your points tallied for these items. Come on back to earn some more!

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  6. Adam Post author

    @Mrs Accountability – Thanks for doing all of that! I have added you to my list that includes all of your entries.

    It will be new posts after the contest started, but don’t worry, you have plenty of time (and posts) to get your comments in! I have been giving everyone 1 entry for each post they comment on from the past. Make sure you check back in each Wednesday for the frugal wedding tips!

  7. invest money

    Hi Adam, I have several question to ask. Who will win? The person who have the highest points? Can I get more credit by mentioning the original contest post on several blogs?

  8. Adam Post author

    @Invest Money – You get entries to the contest for each thing you do on the site (from the list). So, you can earn as many entries as humanly possible, thus increasing your chances of winning.

    You can only mention the contest on one of you sites. So, pick you one with the most traffic and send them this way!

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  10. Penelope Pince

    Hello there,

    I just subscribed to your email feed (same email address as above).

    I am now following you on Twitter. My twitter username is @PenelopePince. I can’t direct message you unless you are following me.

    I will be linking back from my blog in my roundup post this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for the opportunity and happy new year!

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  15. sheena

    i hads posted it also in my face book..

    my name there is iluvmy piggie..=)

    but i dont know how to post the link here because i can’t find it..=(

    i hope this one counts too..=(

  16. sheena

    i twitted this post also on my twitter..=)

    well,by the way..sorry for the many comments that i had..=)

    i just really wanna win..coz i badly need it..=)
    i juz really hope..^^good luck to all of us..hihe..

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