$50 Amazon Contest Standings

Here is a quick update of the top five contributors for the $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. The list has their total number of entries so far and their percentage chance of winning if the contest ended today.

  1. Niv – 73 entries (14% chance of winning)
  2. Mrs Accountability – 39 entries (8% chance of winning)
  3. Bobbi – 35 entries (7% chance of winning)
  4. Pete from Bible Money Matters – 31 entries (6% chance of winning)
  5. Yana – 29 entries (5% chance of winning)

There have been quite a few entries so far. Make sure you continue to contribute to the site in order to increase you chances of winning! Some people are running way from the field!

2 thoughts on “$50 Amazon Contest Standings

  1. Mrs. Accountability

    Thanks for letting us know the progress! Don’t worry about your readers dropping by RSS subscribers, it’s happened to all of us. I heard some on Twitter saying half yesterday. I didn’t see a drop in my subscribers until today.

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