Introducing My New Blog:!

Well, it’s finally ready to be released! I would like to introduce my new blog The Simple Tax! Head on over there and check it out!

I started The Simple Tax because I enjoy taxes. That was simple, right? It’s hard to imagine anyone who really enjoys taxes, but we are out there. I particularly like speaking to people about their individual taxes as it opens up many opportunities to assist them with getting the refund that they deserve and are entitled to based on IRS laws.

I also hope to help individuals with very basic returns. I get very frustrated seeing individuals pay around $100 to have their VERY simple returns filed. If you fall into this category, I hope to educate you in a way that you feel comfortable filing your own return.

Do you have a specific tax question that you would like answered? Head over to our Q&A section!

Anyway, please enjoy the new site and all that it has to offer. Please submit and feedback that you have on it. I would greatly appreciate it!