Master’s Degree, Now Off to Work for Me!

Well, I finished graduate school! I am now the recipient of a master’s degree in financial planning. Woohoo! I think my school career is over as a master’s degree is enough. I have no idea how some people can go to school for a PhD or MD. I know the income potential is much higher, but at what cost?

Now, I have to find a job. This is probably the worst time for me to graduate with a degree in financial planning. Most firms (that I would feel good working at) are not hiring right now because their profits are decreasing. Most of those firms charge the customer based on what is called assets under management (AUM). A typical charge would be 1% of your assets held at the firm. Since the market has been going down, so has customers account balances therefore decreasing the companies profits. Other firms are hiring, but they are typically sales motivated and I am not comfortable pushing crappy products on people. Do you like being pressured to buy something you may not need?

Finally, now that the school year is over, I am going to focus on the blog most of the time. I want to post about 3-4 unique posts every week. I will also post some news stories that are relevant to you readers.

I am going to continue my posts on health insurance as them seem to be bringing in several people from Google search. Is there any topics that you would like to be covered? I am open to almost anything.

Also, once I start receiving a steady income, I am going to have a contest of some sort. Make sure you pay attention to the blog!

I am also now on Twitter and you can follow me HERE!