New Blogger Coming to The Site!

Well, I am glad to announce that we are getting a new contributor on the site. As I mentioned the other day, I will be very inactive over the next few weeks due to some personal events. Because of that, I am looking for guest posts from other bloggers (and readers).

The other day, I received an email from a frequent reader named Chris. He is a twenty-something married man who is living a life in debt. He wanted to do a guest post, but after finding out more about him, I realized his quest to become debt-free will be a great addition to this site. As you obviously know, I do not blog about my finances very much as they are not that exciting. In order to get you readers some additional topics, I asked Chris if he would like to contribute to the blog on a weekly basis. Thankfully, he accepted and you can expect to see about 2 posts from him each week. Also, starting in August, you can expect him to show you his budget and net worth statement.

I will continue to post about various personal finance topics that motivate, educate and stimulate your financial minds. Chris will be more of a personal touch to the blog and you can follow him in his quest to become debt-free. Chris will basically be starting from scratch so you can expect posts on budgets, debt reduction methods, spending methods, etc. Anyway, wish Chris luck! You should see his first post on Wednesday of this week. Also, I am still looking for guest posts to fill in the gaps. Make sure you contact me to get your post included!

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