The New Site is Here! What Do You Think?

Well, as you can obviously see (unless you are reading this in RSS or email), the site has changed looks. I am still working on a few things here and there (mostly visual), but this is most likely the end result. If you see something that is missing or something that you want to see, let me know. I will consider things that you need!

If you are reading this in RSS or email, click here to see the new site!

19 thoughts on “The New Site is Here! What Do You Think?

  1. Matt Jabs

    I love it, you cannot go wrong w/the Thesis theme. It takes time away from tedious site building & allows you to focus your attention where it belongs…on your blogs!

  2. Steve Rhode

    I love the social plugin you found and immediately installed it on my site. Change is always good. Congratulations on the overhaul.

  3. Adam Post author

    Seems like everyone likes the new social button. Doesn’t it make you want to share every post!?!?

  4. Mrs. Micah

    I like what you’ve done with it! The new logo, colors, everything feels very fresh.

    Also the social plugin rocks. I don’t think it’d fit in on my site, but I sort-of want it now. 😉

  5. Matt Jabs

    The plugin is called “Sexy Bookmarks” and is super cool looking. I used to use it on Debt Free Adventure and but an upgrade to it crashed both my sites for an entire day so be careful!

    I’m thinking of bringing it back again.

  6. MLR

    Good work on the logo, BMM!

    And the site looks great 🙂

    Looks like both of us were working on design over the past few days 🙂

  7. Adam Post author

    Thanks for all of the great comments everyone! Now off to write some content….

  8. SexyBookmarks

    Thanks for all the plugin love! (even though some of it was *bittersweet*)

    I know exactly which update you were speaking of that crashed your site, and rest assured that you certainly were not alone! That particular update happened to be what you could call a “perfect storm” of unfortunate and careless events that led to destruction for about a day or two…

    However, I have apologized to everyone who emailed me regarding the issue and I also sat down mono e mono with most of them to guide them through fixing the issue on their site before it became a major issue.

    I hope that problem didn’t turn you off of the plugin for good, we’d love to have you!

    I’m adding Tipd in the next version number. (v2.3.5)

    SexyBookmarks’s last blog post..Shameless Contest Winner – IINSIGHT.NETWORK

  9. Matt Jabs


    Oh no…not turned off, how could I be turned off..their soooo sexy!! 😉

    Seriously though, I will probably bring them back soon on both my sites. I love the look & feel of them & would also LOVE to see Tip’d added, so thanks in advance for that!

    Matt Jabs’s last blog post..Jabs Family Financial Network Map

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