Update to $50 Amazon.com Contest

I have decided to change the format of the contest slightly. I want to generate more interest and I do not want you to feel that you have no chance at winning. Instead of having the person with the most points win, I have changed it to entries. So for everything you complete on the list, you earn a certain amount of entries. Obviously, the more things you do increases your chance at winning the big prize. Good luck and you can check out the updated contest page HERE!

2 thoughts on “Update to $50 Amazon.com Contest

  1. Adam Post author

    I guess there really is not a difference in the terms. However, before I said that the person with the most points would win. So, that means the person that did the most stuff won. I didn’t want readers to have no hope in winning and therefore not participate. Now all you have to do is some things on the list and you have a chance to win no matter what.

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