Where to Go From Here

I have been thinking a lot about writing lately and wanted to propose a slight change to some of the posts. I want to keep writing about money and debt but I also want to being to write about improving ones life and just winning in general. I don’t really want to push you away from the site so I want to leave it up to you. PLEASE answer the quick question(s) below and give me your feedback. You all are the reason I continue to blog and your opinion matters greatly to me.

One thought on “Where to Go From Here

  1. Adam

    Sweet! Thanks for all of the great responses everyone! I would say about 90% of you selected the once or twice a week button.

    I will definitely oblige and do what I can to interject more articles about life in general. I am also going to try and interject the two (life and money). I mean, they do go hand and hand right? 😉

    Have a great week!

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