YMR is Changing Themes

Over the next few days you may experience some difficulties viewing the site. I will be switching the blog design to Thesis. Thesis is an amazing blog template that can be seen on my other site, thesimpletax.com. I am hoping that it will make the site a little more eye pleasing and professional. I am also going to change the logo of the site (do I really have one now?). Hopefully they can get the logo finished by the end of the week. Anyway, thanks for sticking around and we will get back to some stimulating posts next week!

2 thoughts on “YMR is Changing Themes

  1. Adam

    @Jeff – It’s amazing! There are sooo many things that you can do with it. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do 90% of those things. As you will see, my site will probably be pretty basic. However, it will look good!

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