Best Time To Shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx

Clothing is one of the really difficult things for me to spend money on. If you looked through my closet, I could point out to you over a dozen articles of clothing that have been in there for 6+ years. Yeah, I just don’t shop for clothing that much.

When I do shop for clothing, I typically look for things that are good quality but at bargain prices. Two of the places I always look is TJ Maxx and Marshalls. As you probably know, they have brand name items at low prices. Most of the stuff isn’t “hip” or “in style”, but I’m OK with that. I mean, I do have really old stuff in my closet!

Going off of some experience and research, I tried to figure out the best time to shop at the store. You obviously want to be in the store when things aren’t picked over or messy. Based on those facts, I would think that the best day to shop in either store would be Tuesday mornings. That gives the store staff plenty of time to restock the floor and straighten up the mess from the weekend crowd. Tuesdays are also one of the slowest for retail business so you likely won’t have much competition.

What do you think? Have you had success at other times? Leave a comment and then enjoy these links below!

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2 thoughts on “Best Time To Shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx

  1. ed

    Hey there, just wanted to give my two cents worth…

    Firstly, although any time of the week is a good time to shop at a Marmaxx store (TJX, Marshalls, Home Goods), and mornings in the middle of the week are a good choice if you’re looking to avoid a lot of people, I have a slightly different opinion..
    I work at Marshalls, our store as well as the majority of others around the country receive freight Monday through Friday, usually around 10am (some stores will differ depending on where they are on the driver route, as trucks deliver to multiple stores in the area, but generally somewhere between nine and noon) most of the backroom crew spends about four hours taking in freight and processing, the next shift of backroom employees generally spend the first four hours of their shift stocking that days freight, with the remaining hours before close being set aside for recovery and straightening. Friday is usually spend finishing any process and stock work not completed the week before. Stock room employees generally aren’t scheduled weekends unless there is extra payroll, So in my opinion the best days to shop at a Marshalls store would be either Saturday or Sunday.
    On Sundays, stores generally close an hour and a half early. It’s usually pretty crowded sunday evenings as some people aren’t aware of Sunday hours and stay right up until close. Saturday is busy as well most of the day, so that leaves Sunday mornings as probably the best times to shop in a clean store, with minimal distraction from the crowds, and a well stocked selection of merchandise to choose from.

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