Weekly Roundup – February 15th

Well, Valentine’s day has passed. What did you and your significant other do? Did you do something frugal? Did you go all out? Did you spend your stimulus money already? We decided to do the responsible thing and not spend much money on each other. However, tonight we are attending one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. We feel that it is OK to spend some money every once and awhile or else we would just go insane. Anyway, I hope you had a great Valentine’s and please enjoy the holiday on Monday! Unfortunately, I have to work. 🙁

Here are some great reads I found this week. Please be sure to check them out!

David at My Two Dollars shows us Do It Yourself Debt Reduction. Some great tips here if you are thinking you are at your last wit. Before you do anything crazy, check out this post.

NCN at No Credit Needed shows us 10 Places to Look When Scrounging for Change. The story the precedes the tips is the best part of this post. I think it’s great that he ended up doing what he did!

The David at Pimp Your Finances lets you know Why He is Starting a Vacation Fund in the Middle of a Recession. Sometimes the best way to save money is by telling yourself that you are going to do something fun with the money.

Have a great week!

One thought on “Weekly Roundup – February 15th

  1. Yana

    My husband worked, but we still managed to spend some money on his days off prior. I wanted a thick sterling silver snake chain I’d seen months earlier, but it was no longer available, so I got a 2.5 mm one for the time being. He wanted a CD, which I ordered at amazon, but it was not enough of an order to qualify for free shipping, so I ordered a bluetooth adapter thingy for my computer. When I told a friend this, he said, “Ordering up for free super saver shipping – how romantic!” LOL

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