9 thoughts on “5 Motivational Tips to Start Saving Today

  1. Yana

    You do have to think about business (money) all the time. And everything is business when you are managing money. Financial management/frugality is a game, one you can get used to always playing. It is also something like managing a diet. Don’t go back for seconds. Don’t put mayonnaise on the asparagus.

    I do accounting at the end of every month, and spent way too much in May; for instance, I spent $380 on food alone. This has got to be close to a record and all-time high. This is for me, my husband and dog. Normal would be around $225. My husband and I were talking, and he was saying it’s because I ate out. Well, I don’t categorize eating out as a food expense, but he argues that it is. I don’t call it food unless I buy it at the grocery store and bring it home to cook. I think eating out is a luxurious entertainment expense (in no way a need, which food is), so that food cost for May had nothing to do with eating out. I categorize eating out as “miscellaneous”.

    Along the lines of dieting, I had a lot of work to do yesterday and wanted to eat out rather than prepare food. I would have liked to eat Mexican at a sit-down restaurant and have some guacamole, but that would have cost around $15-$20, and I WAS in the mood for a margarita 😉 Instead, I went to the local Mexican fast food place, and paid $4.06 for supernachos with jalapenos. No guacamole or booze, but I am richer for it.

  2. Cherryl Hanson Simpson

    Alot of persons has difficulties in saving because of the approach he/she takes. I enjoyed reading your article and the pointers are wonderful. In order to save one has to be dedicated to it. The wants that we substitute for needs has to stop. There will be temptations for us to side tracked but once we have our focus on what we want to achieve whether it be that vacation, early retirement etc we should always keep our eyes on the prize.

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