6 Ways I Make More Money on eBay

There have been many articles written on how to make money on eBay. This article will not show you how to set up an eBay account or even the essential things to know. However, over time, I have realized that my items sell for more than others selling the same exact product. Recently, I sold my old Apple Macbook for $975. After doing some preliminary research, I saw that ones in similar condition to mine were going for about $900. I figured that is about the amount I would receive for mine. Turns out, after following my usual steps, I was able to get $75 more dollars out of the high bidder. I have done this countless times with a variety of items. Want to know my secrets? Well, here they are!

I Know How to Spell

Nothing irritates me more while searching on eBay than things that are misspelled. Really, how hard is it to run spellchecker? After you finish your listing, make sure you check your spelling and proofread it. There have been several instances where I did not bid on an item due to misspellings and bad grammar. If you cannot spell or write correctly, what makes you think I trust you to complete the transaction?

I Start and End My Auctions at the Appropriate Time

Now, I do not know if this is the exact appropriate time to start and end auctions, but it has always works to me. First, I always choose a 10-day auction. It is only about 30 cents extra per auction and it allows me to span the auction over two weekends. Second, I start my auctions at 10pm ET on a Friday and end them at 10pm ET on a Monday 10 days later. Having the auction end on a Monday allows more people to view your auction right before it ends (when the real bidders come). If you end it during the day or on a weekend, you are more than likely going to miss out on bidders due to them being at work or out with their family.

I Use Turbo Lister and Create Awesome Listings

Personally, I use Turbo Lister for my eBay auctions. Turbo Lister is a FREE listing tool from eBay that allows you to make your listings on your desktop even if you are not connected to the internet. Having had many problems making listings on the web via eBay, I tried Turbo Lister and really liked the results. Turbo Lister also allows me to use a template for my listings. I specifically use the Red Square eBay Stores template. It costs a few pennies to use but it is well worth it. It adds some style and professionalism to it.

I Disclose Everything About My Items, Good and Bad

First, I make sure I list everything about the product as I possibly can. If you still have the original box, use that as a guide to make sure everything is listed. This is especially important if you item is electronic. Second, I make sure I list everything I possible can about it’s defects. Believe me, if you do not list all of your items problems, it will come back to haunt you. I know people who have been in a battle with the original seller and eBay over who is to blame when an item has undisclosed defect.

I Charge My Buyers Exact Shipping Costs and Sometimes Nothing at All

Just like the title suggests, I only charge my buyers what it costs to ship the item. There are many sellers out there who have a fixed shipping cost or just “ballpark it”. I think that is wrong. Invest in a scale and find out how much your item weighs. Then you can plug that weight into Turbo Lister with the shipping company and it automatically calculates the price based on your buyers location. Personally, I have not bought a few items due to their shipping costs.

Another way to get the bidding going is to offer free shipping. I have done this several times and it worked like a charm. Not only did it sell for more, the added bids made up the difference that it cost me out of my pocket to ship the item.

I Answer Questions Promptly and Professionally

Whenever I receive a question about one of my items, I make sure I answer it within a few hours. It looks real good to the potential buyer and may possibly cause them to bid. My replies are also very articulate and grammatically correct. Basically, you are running a business and if you do not treat your customers good, they will buy somewhere else.

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11 thoughts on “6 Ways I Make More Money on eBay

  1. Yana

    Good article. I’m going to keep it in case I ever sell on eBay. The shipping and handling thing is psychology, and I think it is smart to figure in your cost into the price of the item beforehand. Then you can offer free or low-priced shipping. Shipping and handling fees affect me aversely, but it really is a psychological thing.

  2. Mrs. Accountability

    I am a word maven, but I am beginning to think it is futile to be concerned about typos and grammar as people seem to care less and less. I am especially disturbed to find typos in the daily newspaper, something never seen twenty years ago. It seems to have gotten worse since the Internet. I think you have a good theory on what works for you on eBay, worth a shot at trying at least some of your tips next time I sell something on eBay. Thanks for your tips.

  3. niv

    I have always wanted to try eBay. Now I know what will make my sell better. I hope to try out your tips in the future.

  4. mbhunter

    Just ribbing you on the last comment. 😉 Thanks for linking to my blog by the way!

    Anyway, another advantage of using a scale with the shipping calculator is that you can get around the maximum item shipping limits that eBay is instituting. For example, I can’t charge more than $5.00 to ship a magazine. I know that sounds outrageous until you realize that magazines can’t usually be shipped for less than the cost of a Priority Mail flat-rate envelope. Just because sellers ship them by Media Mail doesn’t mean it’s allowed. But the shipping calculator gets around this, I believe. That way I can “prove” that I need to ship it for more than the maximum.

  5. Adam Post author

    @mbhunter – Well, I do! I am surprised at the amount of people that do not. Oh, well. I guess we are getting into an age where it just doesn’t matter anymore. U kno what i mean? LOL!

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  7. studenomics

    I just started selling on ebay and let me tell you it really helps to answer all questions. People really respect that and it shows them that you value their bids.

  8. Adam Post author

    @Studenomics – It sure does help. You also need to use proper grammar in the emails as well. I have had a couple email responses where the seller would spell things wrong and use incomplete sentences. Needless to say, I did not buy from them.

    Thanks for visiting the site too!

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  10. ebay selling tips

    Great tips, I don’t know about turbo lister though..hehe it’s a bit buggy don’t you think?

    I think all the things you have just mention spell one thing “quality”. Buyers will feel more at ease and go one step further with listings like this. The bid incredements also increases as the auction bids increase so it would only take 2 or 3 bids for you to get your $75 dollars extra.
    .-= ebay selling tips´s lastest post ..Find Popular Items to Sell on eBay with Whats Hot Weekly =-.

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