Teacher or Student? Great Time to Buy a Mac (Again)!

This is a repost from last year. Thankfully, Apple is running this promotion again this year.

Are you a student, teacher, or staff member of an education institution? Now is a great time to buy a Mac computer. Whether you want a laptop or desktop, not only do you get great educational pricing, you can get a free iPod touch ($229 value) between now and September 8th. This is such a great deal that I took part in last years deal. I didn’t really need an iPod touch but I figured someone else (on eBay) could. I bought a MacBook and took the $229 iPod to go with it. As soon as I received the iPod I immediately placed it on eBay and sold it for $199 a few days later. It’s like getting another $199 discount on the laptop! If you take all of those “discounts” into account, I got a $1299 MacBook (last year) for $1000 ($1199 education price minus $199 iPod sale). You can even get a free printer (up to $100) with the purchase!

I wasn’t really thinking about getting a new laptop at the time but my other computer was just acting possessed. It would turn on in the middle of the night for no reason! I would also be in the middle of typing a paper and it would say that it needs to shut down and then it just would. It was Windows Vista and I just couldn’t bear it anymore. I have always been a Windows guy and this new operating system just turned me off. So far I am rather happy with my Mac purchase (I have since went back to Windows because my finacee has a Mac).

4 thoughts on “Teacher or Student? Great Time to Buy a Mac (Again)!

  1. Insignificon

    I subscribed to your feed this morning. Looks like this is going to be a good blog. Look forward to reading you!

  2. Blithe

    Great idea! I did the same thing with the addition of selling my old computer. I ended up getting a brand new MacBook for about $300 out of pocket.

  3. Adam

    Blithe, I did that as well. I sold my Windows machine the other day for about $550. With the sale of the old computer and the iPod, my final total for the Mac was about $300 out of pocket as well.

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