Frugal Wedding Tip: Location, Location, Location

When in comes to wedding planning, location is right at the top of the list (besides making sure the bride and groom are there). The location of your wedding and reception will be one of those things that you will remember. It will be in your pictures, video, and mind forever. Because it is such a memorable part of your wedding, many think that you need to spend a fortune. That is not necessarily the case!

Don’t Always Fall for the “All-Inclusive” Sites

A site that includes everything can be a great deal. For example, you may find a beautiful hotel that also takes care of the food, flowers, cake, etc. However, the only way to find out if you are getting a deal is to shop around yourself. You may be getting ripped off! Just a few hours of shopping around can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Look for “Out of the Ordinary” Locations

You do not always have to go for the “standard” location. That would include nurseries, hotels, and banquet halls. Be on the look out for beautiful locations in your area that many would not think of. That may include historic buildings, old libraries, bed and breakfasts, farms, museums, parks, and beaches. These sites may be rented for a fraction of the price. Most of these places also allow you to select your own caterer, etc. That could also save you a tremendous amount of money.

Head Outdoors

Outdoor weddings (with the right location) are some of the most beautiful sites. They are also cheap (most)! I know you are taking a risk with an outdoor wedding (weather), but most of them turn out great. Some things may be expensive to rent (tent, chairs, etc.) but you can still shop around for those things. If you were planning on having your wedding in one of the five-star hotels, the outdoor option can save you money even with all of the other purchases involved.

Ask Your Friends/Family

Some of your friends or family may have the perfect home for your wedding. Have an uncle that has a home on the shore that woud be perfect? Ask him if you could have the wedding there! I think he would be flattered. Just make sure you tell him that you will take care of EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. Clean-up included!

Anyone have some stories on finding their dream location? How much money did you save?

7 thoughts on “Frugal Wedding Tip: Location, Location, Location

  1. Yana

    Well, we saved a lot of money by getting married at the County Recorder’s Office! My husband wanted a nice traditional wedding, but given a choice between waiting to be able to afford that or being married, we chose to tie the knot first and have a party later. We’d hoped to have that party at our new home, but we haven’t gotten the new home yet (7 years later). That’s turned out not to be such a big deal, but if we ever move, it will definitely be worthy of a party!

  2. niv

    @Yana – I think you made a good choice. I think it is much more important to start your life together on the right foot (and with some cash in the bank).
    When my wife and I looked for a place, we wanted to find something nice and most of them were pricey. The ones that were cheaper offered little in the verity of foods. Finally, we found a lovely place, not far away from most of our families.
    I think we managed to save about 25% of the cost.
    It is very difficult to find a place that has every thing your looking for – not to expensive, good food, looks good, fairly close and that your family would like

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  4. Monroe on a Budget

    We had our wedding in the family church, and our reception in a Victorian guest house.

    We saved a bunch of money on reception decor because we picked out silk flower arrangements and other pretties from the home caretaker’s storeroom.

  5. Helen Smeaton

    My reception was held a few km away at a lovely guesthouse which was too small for a party of 50 but more than big enough by hiring a marquee and getting the guesthouse staff to do the catering.

    Saved thousands versus a posh hotel venue and we were able to dance the night away to a local band as the guesthouse owners joined in after the dinner!

    My tip is pick a favourite location with great scenery for photos, then bring the “venue” to the location if the place isn’t big enough.

    I saved lots more on flowers/invitations/favors etc by doing most of it myself or with the help of friends.

    My experiences and more are now part of an advice filled website called

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