Frugal Wedding Tip: Save the Date Cards

Last week I shared with you a tip on having a frugal cocktail style wedding reception. This week I am going to talk about cheap ways to make “Save the Date” cards. Save the date cards serve as a reminder for your guests about the upcoming wedding. It allows them to place the date on their calendar and make travel arrangements if needed.

They Do Not Have to Be Letters

Save the date cards do not have to be formal letters. I recommend using a postcard of some sorts. You can even have postcards made with a picture on them in order to personalize them some. The cost of mailing the cards will also be cheaper than tradition letters. For example, if you have 300 guests, it will cost you around $126 to send traditional letters. If you mail postcards, it will only cost you $81 as they are cheaper to mail.

Make Your Own

You can add your own creativity to the cards by making them yourself. Get some nice card stock and print them from your computer at home. Make sure you add your own touch to the cards by adding a photo or placing a theme on them, as it will make them more memorable. It is also a great way to spend some time with your soon to be spouse!

Forget the Paper

As many of you know, we now live in a digital world. Many of your guests will be very open to the idea of “Save the Date” emails. I recommend designing the email to look like a card. You can do this by using Microsoft Publisher or having them professionally made for a fraction of the cost. Of course, there are going to be some guests that do not have email or would rather receive traditional cards. You should be able to tell who those individuals are.

Can anyone else think of some ideas? What did you use for your wedding?

6 thoughts on “Frugal Wedding Tip: Save the Date Cards

  1. Gypsie

    Not only did we make our own Save the Date cards (picked up a nice cardstock at Office Max for about $10 and printed them ourselves) but we also made our own wedding invitations. We had a small guest list as we got married in Vegas (a package deal that I HIGHLY recommend) and had about 50 guests attend our wedding. BTW, our Vegas wedding included the minister, chapel, photographer, flowers, cake(for 50 guests), champagne(for 50 guests), hors d’voures (for 50 guests), breakfast in bed, chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne, wedding album, unity candles and holders, and a 1600 sq ft suite over looking the strip for 3 days and all for $6000. We provided the dress and tux. And it was the least stressful wedding ever!

  2. Adam Post author

    @Gypsie We are considering doing the save the date cards and wedding invitations ourselves as well. Luckily, my fiance is very good at art and that kind of stuff comes natural to her. Great way to save some money! That is a pretty great deal on your wedding by the way. I bet you had fun!

  3. Laura K

    I used Vista Print for my Save the Date magnets. You can upload your own design, and I believe they also have some wedding-themed items now as well. They often run free promotions, where you can get 100 postcards for nothing but the shipping.

  4. Laura K

    Although you’re not on invitations yet, I’d recommend either postcard rsvp’s to save on stamps and/or online rsvp’ing. (Although the latter didn’t work out so great for us.)

    We did have a website with a lot of information on directions, hotels, etc., which allowed us to not have to make separate enclosures for this information.

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  6. niv

    We had ours made at a printing shop where a family member works and got a good price.
    We made it very traditional, writing “All you need is love” at the top, the date and some small notes

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